Applied Research in Crime and Justice Conference

Commissioner Andrew Colvin announced as new Commissioner of AFP

Our Initiatives

  • Operation Unification

    Operation Unification is a joint initiative of police agencies across Australia and all State and Territory Crime Stoppers programs. It is focused on getting illicit firearms out of the hands of criminals, including those suspected of being used for the purpose of criminal activity. More...
  • Operation AUSTRANS

    Every year throughout May, police across Australia participate in Operation AUSTRANS – an operation designed to ensure heavy vehicle drivers and companies comply with the rules and regulations surrounding the transportation of goods.

  • Operation Unite: National Blitz on Drunken Violence

    Operation Unite is a combined policing operation conducted across Australia and New Zealand focusing on alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour.

  • Australia New Zealand Road Toll Reporting

    The holiday periods should be a time of celebration. Unfortunately for many Australian and New Zealand families will have their lives touched by tragedy due to crashes resulting in serious injuries and fatalities on our roads.

  • Operation Crossroads

    Operation CROSSROADS, is an Australia and New Zealand co-ordinated police initiative targeting a range of road offences including speed, alcohol, and drug use.